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Change layout - remove "item" column

Hello again,

I would like to find out if is possible in the Quotations to remove the column ‘Item’.
Also if I keep this column can this be reported on like an analysis field?

Secondly on my quote the customer name and address is showing aligned from the centre going to the right. It is not very eye appealing. I would prefer this to be moved to the left. Please can you tell me how to? I looked in the CSS editor but could not find which section to amend?

Thank you

Hi @Mimi

You can remove that column, but it would be for both quotes/estimates and invoices. Is that OK? It just removes it from the previews, it’s still there when creating the invoice so you can still do any reporting as needed.

This can be amended by going to Sales >> Invoice Customisation, and clicking the Itemised Area. Then just ensure the top box “Hide the item name column” is ticked.

I’ll send you a private message regarding the address, so we can take a look at your account and advise based on this.

Thanks again Mathew,

I did follow your instructions but when I tick the box, a yellow line appears with the word Saved. I close that window and the item column is still shown on entering a new invoice. I returned to the Invoice Customisation and the tick defaulted back again. (??)

Hi @Mimi

It will still show on invoice creation it is only hidden when you come to preview the invoice

In that case I dont see the point if it’s only hiding the field in the preview??

it’ll be hidden once saved so when it is previewed or if it is sent by pdf

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