Change menu background colour

Hi, Was wondering how I change the background colour if I dont know CSS?

Also wondering why I changed my logo for the client area but it has not updated even though it says it has, when i go to the client area it still shows the old logo. Is it only new clients from that point onwards that see that?

There’s no way to change the background colour without using CSS.

You would need to add a custom class to the Global CSS template (for the admin side) or Client Area CSS (for the client login area).

    background-color: #efefef;

What colour did you want to switch to?

It’s most likely caching the old logo, try refreshing your browser while holding down CTRL.

Hi Glenn, I want to change the blue line at the top that has the green line under it. I used the code you gave me but it only changed the bank account section side bar to orange (Picture attached). This is on a different account company that i just set up. Thats why i want to change colour so I can flick between the 2 without getting mixed up. (I tried signing out and in again and refreshing but it didnt change)

RE LOGO - I refreshed and got the logo as suggested, many thanks

I’m not sure where this is? Are you referring to your client’s control panel or your control panel?

Do you mean the horizontal menu?

Hi Glenn, yes the horizontal menu or the background of the page, i just need to be able to distinguish between the 2 accounts! Ignore the bit about it changed the bank accounts orange, it didnt, its orange because its all at zero!

OK I can provide some CSS to do this, although I should first mention that you will need a Power User Subscription to apply custom CSS to any QuickFile account. This subscription is £35 per year, I need to run that by you before the change can be implemented.

Once the subscription is live you will be able to do something like this…If that’s what you’re looking for?

Hi glenn,

I can see where to purchase that in the customisation area, shall i just go ahead and do that?

Yes if you like, once done let me know and I will alter the menu for you, just let me know what colour you’d like it.

Hi Glenn, Ive purchased it. If you could do a the pink above please but only on the admin side, i still want clients to be blue.

Thank you

Would you mind having a look now?

You may need to log out and back in again first, it should however look like this:

Brilliant, thanks Glenn, it does look like that!! Much appreciated!

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