Change of email address

My email address (which I need to keep the same) and my login address is different therefore how do I change my login address to correspond. The reason for this was I originally set up this account as a limited company and then reverted to a sole trader.
Many thanks

If you are changing from limited to sole trader (or vice versa) then you need to set up a new Quickfile account. You can’t use the same one, so I think this solves the problem anyway.

Hi Stuart,
Thanks for your reply.
I set up the Ltd company then changed to Sole trader. When converting I had to use a different email address as the one chosen was already in use. Since I have changed my email address so need now to get both the login the same as my email address.
My gmail address is timwhittle1@gmail and quickfile login is

Hi Tim,

QuickFile operates on a one account per email address policy, so you wouldn’t be able to use the same one twice. However, there are 2 things you can do.

If the first account (the Ltd company) was opened by mistake, you can close the account and delete the data - that should free up your email address for your Sole Trader account (take a look here for instructions)

The second way, is a little trick with gmail, seems that’s your provider. Dots do not matter in gmail, so for example, would be the same address as and the same address as Therefore, you actually use the same email address, but without it being the same.

Hope that helps

Hi Stuart,
I cannot access the Ltd account to attempt to close it down, therefore I don’t know if it is still active. I doubt there is another person using the login details as my email address but cannot check. Is there anyone able to check for me as I am going round in circles and need to sort this for my tax return.

If the account is still active then your login details will be the same as they were when you last used it. If you have forgotten/misplaced these details then you can still click the ‘I forgot?’ link next to the password box. This will initiate a password reset procedure by sending an email to the account admin.

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Hi Lurch,
Thanks for your quick reply.
I have tried the login details which I kept to no avail so do you suggest I use the email address and request a password reset procedure. If this is done A) how long will this take, B) If this is unsuccessful how do you propose I move forward? I need my accountant to check over the numbers prior to submittion will she be able to access remotely given my password?
Thanks in anticipation

Usually it’s instant.

Once you have retrieved your login details then anyone can access the account using these credentials.