Change of VAT basis and redo VAT returns

Can some help with the VAT please. The company has changed software provider and I have in started inputting a year from when the accounts were last filed. The original setting for VAT was set to accrual, but in fact it is actually on a cash basis. I had inputted from 01/07/2018 to the present date when I found out that the VAT basis was incorrect. I have changed the setting to cash accounting as it was set to accrual with was incorrect. I have rolled back all the VAT returns to be able to start again and now it is not letting me create a new VAT return with the original date going back to 01/07/2018. All the VAT’s had been originally sent to HRMC but on on QuickFile, all I need to do is for Qickfile to reflect the VAT returns and now it is not allowing me redo the VAT returns. I had not submitted them via Quickfile

Any advise please?

If you disable online filing in your vat settings you should be able to save the intervening returns without being bound to only the periods HMRC thinks are outstanding.

On line filing has not been enabled at all as yet! As we are under the threshold we do not have to be digital re VAT filing. However, I will have a check tomorrow if I have accidentally enabled it

Thanks for replying Ian