Change of VAT number and filing deadline

I’ve had my VAT number changed by HMRC and have set up a new online account. I have changed the VAT settings in QuickFile, and have filed my first return using MTD under the new number. As well as changing my VAT number, my VAT quarters have also changed.

When I go to the Tax Account VAT Returns page, I get the following message: Your Tax Account authorisation may have expired. Please try to remove the existing link and reconnect on the HMRC Connect page. I’ve done that, reconnected and it hasn’t solved the problem.

Also, on the Key Filing Dates report, the VAT dates (electronic filing deadline and VAT return end date) are showing the dates for the old VAT number/registration and not the new one.

I’ve checked “Basic Settings” and VAT settings and everything appears to be correct.

Any help in resolving this would be appreciated!

Hi @Paul_Miller,

It may be hanging on to your old VAT number somewhere. If you completely remove all of the links from Reports >> HMRC and then go into your VAT settings and remove any username etc under the online filling settings this will make sure that you have nothing of the old account. Make sure to then save the settings.

Then you can start again with your new VAT number etc.

If this doesn’t work then please send a message to @QFSupport and we can take a look to see why it isn’t updating.

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