Change of wording - Estimate vs Quotation

Hi, can I ask why you have chosen the word estimate as opposed to quote for your system, my line of work I issue quotes but I understand why estimate is used - for example builders, but I always quote a fixed price and as such estimate is a little wishy washy if that makes sense. Would be great to have your feedback - perhaps this could be changed as an option to change wording?

A fellow Glenn, thanks for getting in touch :smile:

It’s been the subject of much some debate in the past. This particular preference seems to be very much industry related. I think in the UK “quotation” is more widely adopted, so we did initially make an error of judgement here when we developed the software.

The good news is you can change the description within the invoice customisation settings (Sales >> Invoice customisation). We added this later based on similar feedback.

@glenn1 : You may find the following information interesting, provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau:

What is a quotation?

A quotation is a promise to do work at an agreed price. It should set out what work will be done for the agreed price. If you were given a quotation ( or ‘fixed estimate’) you should not be asked to pay extra unless you asked the trader to do extra work or the trader had to do extra work in order to do a satisfactory job and they couldn’t reasonably have known that they would need to do this work when they gave the quotation.

If you accepted a quotation, you will probably have to pay what was quoted.

For more about what happens if you’ve been given a quotation and you’re asked to pay extra, see Service costs more than expected.

What is an estimate?

If you were given an estimate, you might think you agreed a price beforehand. However, unlike a quotation, an estimate is not an offer to do the job for that amount but just the trader’s best guess as to how much the work will cost. This means that the trader can charge you more than the estimate. However, any extra charged must be reasonable. If you don’t think the extra charged is reasonable, you can dispute it. You should use the estimate as a starting point for negotiation with the trader.

Hi Joe

Thanks for your response, I have kind of got the gist regarding the quote and estimate and Glenn gave me a few pointers which I have changed to suit our processes, however, it would be nice that if we change our terminology to Quote then when a customer clicks on the emailed link to view the quote it actually says quote instead of estimate - I think from memory it says view estimates and so on.

Hope this makes sense.

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I think what is needed here is for the automatically generated link to reference the name you have applied in the invoice customisation area. I’ve logged this as a feature request for now.