Change purchase categories in bulk. VAT return has been submitted


We’ve just put all of our purchases through quickfile as we’ve decided to bin the old paper system!

Unfortunately all of our stock purchases were put through in the wrong category according to our accountant. Is there a way we can change these in bulk? As it would be a bit of a pain to go through and change every single one.

Added spanner in the works, our VAT return was submitted recently so some of them are locked. This was a mistake, is there a way we can still fix these?

**To add we need to change more or less all of the “Stock Asset” Filings to “General Purchase”

I’ve figured it out.

We were looking in our purchases instead of in our nominal accounts.

From nominal accounts I was able to use the bulk change incorrect postings tool.

If you have a resolution system please mark this post as resolved! :smile:

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