Change QF numbers (I know it's not possible at the moment)

Call me old school, but I am still keeping paper copies of expenditure receipts because my accountant likes me to. When I log an expenditure in Quickfile, I write the QF number on the back so I can reconcile the two. The trouble is that I am using two different Quickfile accounts for two different micro companies, and the both produce internally derived QF numbers, meaning I have many duplicate QF numbered receipts. So if I find a receipt on the floor that I have dropped, there is no way of distinguishing which account it belongs to without digging in the system. Is there any way to set up a way of differentiating? Perhaps an extra letter at the beginning AQF, BQF etc.?

Low tech solution - use a different colour pen for each business! I always write the QF numbers in red to be easily distinguishable from the rest of the invoice, you could use red for one and green for the other or something like that. Or just add your own prefix when writing the numbers (A-QFxxx vs B-QFyyyy) so you know which account the QF pertains to.


True! Didn’t think of that.

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