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Change year end date

I’m new to Quick File but impressed with first review of software.

I’ve just taken on new client. They’ve used Quick File since 2015 and set it up themselves. They didn’t change system year end date of April when their actual year end is October. The year end routine has never been used and bank account balance is not anywhere near what it actually is. From what I can gather, their previous bookkeeper has simply date driven a PNL for managing year end outside of Quick File.

Is it worthwhile and easy to go back and rework to bring inline with actual year end or would it be best to leave as it is?

You can set the actual year end date. You need to pick the next year end in order to line up all the current and past year ends.

The bank balance is a seperate issue and will need looking into correcting it manually.

Once everything looks how it should you can provably run the year end tool to lock off each period.

Hi @SusieWall

Further to what @Paul_Courtier has mentioned:

You can change the Year End Date by going to Account Settings >> Company Settings.

Once this has been corrected, as well as the bank balance, you can run the Year End Tool as outlined here: Simplified year-end tool

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated.

Susan Wall CICM MIAB

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