Changes after linking to Affinity account (pt.2)

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Did you get chance to look at any of this @Glenn?

The logo change I looked into and for some reason thought that my own logo was on my dashboard, which it wasn’t so no major issue there. My clients dashboard is still branded with my logo so that is fine, maybe that is where the confusion arose.

The logging is an issue as things are happening on my account that I haven’t instigated and I have no record of who has. This will be more of an issue when returns are submitted etc.

The help link would be handy to keep, saves me having to manually navigate to the KB or forum.

I did have a look at this and can confirm your observations in regards to the branding and appearance. If you connect a standard QF account to an Affinity account it will override the logo and remove the help menu.

In regards to the logging side, this should work no different to if you had a second team member on there. In fact when you connect to an Affinity account it will create a team member that the Affinity user accesses your account with. Any activity is then logged and accessible on the event browser.

You can find the event browser in Account Settings:

Here there is also a filter to see only the activity of a given user.

I’m not sure if this is working then as I see no activity at all for the Affinity user but I know that they have logged in and they have also altered the backup settings at some point.

I believe in the event log it will track any sort of financial activity, e.g. invoices created, paid etc. I’m not sure changes to the backup settings are logged in the event log. Also I don’t believe the event log tracks when a user logs in, although you should be able to determine this in the team management section where you can see the date and time when each user last accessed the account.

We could start recording Affinity logins to the event log if that helps?

I am used to seeing when users login on the dashboard so I assumed that I would get the same notifications for team members as well. Obviously my fault for assuming I suppose! I would like to see something in the log regarding team member logins if it is possible.

I’ve asked for an event log entry to be made whenever an Affinity user accesses the account. For other general users you can refer to the team management section to see the last login date/time.


That will go live on the next release.


This is now live, an event will be logged as follows whenever an Affinity user accesses your account:

Your Affinity Agent ‘[name]’ has logged into the account.

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Yep, I see some entries from today so that is great. Excellent service as always @Glenn. :slight_smile:

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