Changes made to the Invoice format from CSS file keeps going back to the original setting

Hi, I’m new in Quickfile and I’ve been doing bookkeeping for my client using this software. I have a slight problem that I need help with. I have created a custom invoice from the invoice gallery and changed the “Task” to “Project No.”, and the “Notes” to “Project Name” in the itemised area of the Invoice. After I tick the Apply Changes button, Save button, and Close button, I refreshed the page and it goes back to it’s original headers. (Please see attached screenshot)

Thank you and more power!

Hi @Onani

I can’t see any CSS in your screenshot which would change the field titles.

Where are they being changed? Are you able to upload a screenshot showing this, please? Or provide us with a few steps to replicate the issue?

Hi @QFMathew

I did change the Task and Notes (with red circles on the right side) several times. Right click from my mouse - Inspect - and changed it from there. When I did that, I saw that the headings in the invoice were changed to Project No. and Project Name. I clicked Apply Changes and Saved. But when I open the invoice again, it goes back to its original headings.

Maybe I was not doing it right. How should I do this correctly?

The inspector will only change what you’re seeing in your local browser, it doesn’t tell the QuickFile server what you’ve changed so it can’t know your apply the same changes once the page is reloaded.

QuickFile does provide a way to customise the headings using special classes in the CSS:

Hi @ian_roberts

Thank you very much! This is enlightening! I will try to do this and update you with the outcome.

Hi @ian_roberts

I followed the instructions and I successfully transformed the task head according to our preference. Thank you guys for your help, and for the immediate response, it was such a relief and an accomplishment.


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