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Changes to the way invoices are synced between accounts

You may be aware of a feature that allows a link to be established between two QuickFile accounts, once agreed a supplier can then automatically push their invoices into their client’s account (relevant guide). We are in the process of replacing this system with something we feel will provide more control and remove some of the complicated steps required to setup the link.

What’s changing?

Here’s a summary of the new updates that will be rolled out this weekend:

  • The process of linking two accounts via invitation will be removed.
  • All invoices visible in the client area will now have a button “Import to QuickFile”.
  • If a client chooses to import an invoice they will be prompted to log into their own QuickFile account and confirm the supplier and nominal code. A purchase invoice will then be created.
  • Once the import is confirmed QuickFile will remember the allocated supplier and nominal code so that it will be automatically prefilled next time.

A more detailed explanation of the above process can be viewed in the following article.

Importing an invoice from one QuickFile account to another

If you already have a linked account no further steps are necessary. When you send an invoice your customer will be able to view the invoice in the same way and choose whether to import that invoice into their account. This removes the automatic creation of purchase invoices in the client’s account and allows the client to decide what is imported.

Why the change?

The invoice syncing tool was originally implemented back in 2013. While the automatic syncing of invoices provides a degree of convenience for the client, it did require more granular controls to determine what changes should be synced to the client account. These controls were not always clear to the user and introduced a risk of applying unwanted changes without the required oversight. The setup process for linking two accounts also introduced an obstacle that we felt could be removed once the control is handed to the client.

Further enhancements

We’d be happy to listen to any suggestions on how the new import feature could be improved. We are aiming to have this live by the weekend.

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hi i am not sure i have understood this change to importing invoices
I currently have a number of subcontractors who invoice me for services each month, these are automatically appearing in my purchase ledger on QF, am I right that I will now have to go through clicking somewhere to add them to the purchases? what happens if the invoice is not correct and the supplier needs to update will this automatically happen and come into my purchases or would I need to accept the amended invoice separately? and would it merge with the original.

You will receive a link as you would normally when sending an invoice in QuickFile. You would then view the invoice and follow the import process to bring it into your account. This is a manual step however once you’ve completed this a single time the form will remember the supplier you allocated the invoice to and the nominal code. Next time these fields will be precompleted so you are then just clicking to approve.

The new system will not track and sync changes to invoices once they have been imported. We are however looking into enabling an auto-import option in the coming weeks.

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