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Changing business bank details with HMRC

Hi all,
First of all, please excuse me for this question- does anybody knows how one can change business bank details with the HMRC? I know there is an option to change the VAT bank details online but wondering bank details for tax, furlough etc- where they can be changed? Can they be changed online? Or if I change VAT bank details online, would all bank details held with the HMRC automatically change?
Many thanks for helping,

I know for furlough claims you have to give them the bank details on each claim separately, they don’t remember the details from one claim to the next. Same with Self Assessment - you give your details on each tax return. I’m not sure about other taxes.

As Ian says. You give the bank details when making a furlough claim or when submitting your self assessment. Vat is different.

Besides, if you have self assessment tax to pay, you can simply pay in to their bank account including your utr as the reference followed by the letter K

Thanks Ian and Paul- so if one has been making furlough claim for 6 months, are they not allowed to change the bank details for the remaining 2 months? My accountant has been doing this but says that it will raise questions.
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Yes it’s possible it will cause a delay in payment.

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