Changing business structure from sole trader to LLP

I have been using QuickFile as a sole trader but am setting up now as an LLP due to my partner now joining the business. I can see previous advice has been to keep the accounts in situ for a partnership but are there any issues if it is an LLP? we are hoping to start from new tax year. do we simply start a new QF account? I dont want to delete any previous years accounts.
thank you.

Hi @bramblegoat

As it’s a LLP, you would be better as a limited company set up rather than a sole trader one.

If you’re keeping the trading on-going (e.g. same clients and suppliers), I can copy all the details over from the old account to the new one if you wish? All I’d need is the old and new account numbers.

Hi thanks for getting back so quickly. we are just getting the paperwork together and making final decisions etc. we are continuing the same business so it would be great to move it all over. what contact do I send this too please? dont want to put account numbers on a forum!

That’s no problem :slightly_smiling:

You’re welcome to send this to me in a private message when you’re ready - click my name, and then click ‘Message’, or go to the search box in the top right hand corner, and type @QFSupport and message me that way.

brilliant, thanks for your help

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