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Changing company name

I have recently changed the name of my company and have tried to change it on quickfile, however my invoices and Estimates are still sending from my old company, despite the account being in the new company name. any help please?

Have you tried SAVING changes under basic setting for new company name?

What do you mean specifically by “sending from”? Has anything changed?

so when i send an email, in the customers inbox it is showing as sent from my old company name. even though i have changed the company name in the settings.

yes, the new company name is saved, yet emails are still sent from the old name.

Did you also change the “From Name” in your email settings in quickfile?

If not, have a look here:

Also, If you are on the smtp (email) setting page you can see

Click on “Routine Emails”, there is also a “From Name” for your routine mails which you may need to chnage.
Hope this helps


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