Changing from LTD to Sole Trader

Hi folks,

I need to changed my account from LTD to sole trader and port across all my contacts. Can you guys help me through the process?

Hi @o0benski0o

Firstly, you’d need to open a new QuickFile account, here

Then, if you can provide me with your old and new account number, I’ll arrange for the clients and suppliers to be copied across for you :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I need to use the same email address but I cannot open a new account using that address as it already exists.

You’ll have to change the email address on the Ltd account before you can use it to sign up the sole trader one. Depending on your provider you might be able to use a variation on the old address, e.g. if your address is then gmail automatically delivers to the same mailbox.

OK this could be tricky…am in able to change the email address on the new account once it’s set up or vice versa?

I’m thinking I could just use my generic Hotmail address I give out to people I think will spam me (not you guys of course)

  1. Change address on old LTD account.
  2. Open new sole trader account with original email address.
  3. You guys delete old account and port contacts.
  4. They all live happily ever after.



You can change the email address any time via account settings -> team management.

Hi Ian,

I have now done this and these are the account numbers. Do you need anything else?

Old LTD Account: 6131435769
New ST Account: 6131476844

I don’t work for QuickFile, but this information should be enough for either @Glenn or @QFMathew to do what they need to in the back end.

Yep - that’s all I need. Bear with me and I’ll sort this for you now :slight_smile:

All done! :slightly_smiling: