Changing future HMRC/Companies H.Year End Date

HMRX Corporation Tax is always due 3 months prior to year end. How can we show this on both our companies set up?

When is CT due?

CT is due after the company’s year-end, it is not the same as usual fiscal year-end or normal SA returns deadline, usually 12 months after your company’s year-end.

When do I have to pay for CT?

CT is usually payable 9 months and one day after the end of the accounting period, please note CT filing dead is 12 months after year-end but payment if any should reach HMRC early.

I think you’ll find it’s the previous accounting years tax that is due 3 months prior to the following year end.

Yes that is what HMRC advised but I pleaded as I am shielding until 31/03/21 so they softened a little!

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