Changing Invoice design.... My invoices don't look like it!

When im in the designer area and move and add what I like, I save it and then go to a new invoice and it looks nothing like what I have done. I assume it is picking up a different template? Where do I change this please? Have clicked pretty much every where lol

Hi @David_McNae

Have you used the CSS through the invoice gallery to change any of the invoice at all? Some things such as colours, or titles will be overridden by the CSS.

If you have a Power User Subscription, it is possible to use different trading styles, which can use different templates. Have you set this up? If so, I’d double check the client you’re creating the invoice for.

Hi, no I am a free user. Can I not edit the invoice then? No problems if not, have sorted a work around.

Of course you can edit the invoices, there’s just a few ways to do it.

The main way is to use CSS (we have a guide on this in our knowledge base if you’re a bit unsure). To access this, on your invoice previous screen, click the green invoice gallery button (top left):

And then click ‘customise this style’ above the template you wish to edit:

This will allow you to move things, change colours and more.

The other place to edit invoices, such as invoice settings is by going to Account Settings >> Design Customisation, and selecting the invoice editor:

Then just follow the instructions on screen.

Hope that helps!

I dont have the sales gallery option and if I go to the CSS invoice designer it wants me to become a power user

The invoice gallery button is on the invoice preview screen. If you create an invoice, and click “save and preview”, this option will appear in the top left corner (see my screenshot above)

If you manage to access your CSS editor, then there are some tips in our knowledge base to help you make some basic changes:

Brilliant. Thank you, sorry for being a pain!

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Hi, I’m a paid subscriber to QF and wanted to know how I can change an invoice that has already been filled out with transactions to my other template design without having to start again?



Hi @Phil_Broom

If you preview an invoice, you can use the “Invoice Style Gallery” option to change the design.

This can be done at any stage of the invoice - draft, sent, paid or other.

Hi, sorry didn’t explain the question properly. I’ve have 2 invoice templates for 2 different businesses within the same company. How do I change the template with all the entered financial details of that invoice to the other template?

When I click on ‘Invoice style gallery’ my template isn’t listed, just the range, such as Eco, Modern, Neon etc

Many thanks


Hi @Phil_Broom,

Have you had a look at trading styles? Custom Trading Styles

This may work for what you’re wanting?

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