Changing invoice template - column names

Hi - I am looking to change one of the column names on an invoice template. I have managed to remove unit cost & quantity thanks to other posts on this forum but I was looking to change ‘item’ to a more suitable name - is there any way that I can do this?


Hi @BlueFlag

You certainly can :slight_smile:

You can add a line to your CSS file which can change this for you. Take a look at this guide: CSS transformations

Although it’s linked in the guide itself, you can find a list of the label names here

Thanks, I will give it a go.

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Hi - I have tried doing this as per the guide but nothing is happening - does it need to go in a certain place or at the end? I have (hopefully) attached what lines I have entered if you could let me know what I’m doing wrong that would be great, thanks.


Is it just the column name that you’re having issues with? If so, try this:

.transform-itemHead_01 {
    content: "Name";

Thanks - I have just copied and pasted this and clicked apply changes but it stays the same! Not sure if it makes a difference but the colour of the text changes when I copy & paste.


Because you’re changing the text of a label, you need to save it rather than just “Apply”. It causes the page to refresh to update the label too.

Can you give that a go please?

OMG as simple as that - that has worked fine! Thank you.

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