Changing Invoice trading style after entry of all data


I’ve asked this question before, so apologies for listing it again.

I have several trading styles designs of invoice with different logos for different businesses. I often forget to change the trading style in the client section until I’m halfway through entering info on the invoice. I know you can change the style, but it doesn’t replace the logo or relevant text to that invoice.

So how can I change to the right trading style template with all the right logos and text information relevant to that business after I have filled in an invoice?



Hi @Phil_Broom

Each client can only have 1 trading style associated with it, so updating the trading style for a client will apply the styling to all of their invoices.

Even if I do it half way through?

It doesn’t matter when you do it. As one client can only have a single trading style, all invoices, estimates, the client area, will all match the trading style assigned to them.

I knew it would be something simple! Thank you

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