Changing quote title

I’ve tried changing the title to Quote but it still comes up as Estimate. Surely its time this was sorted out properly now that it is paid for software.

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Hi @kevlinnell

I’ve moved your post to a new thread as the other one is a feature request.

Where are you seeing references to quote? I’m happy to take a look at this for you if you can provide a bit more detail.

Ive tried going into invoice customisation and changing estimate name to quote but when I create new estimate it still says estimate. Why is there not a dedicated quote option?

The estimate/quote feature is interchangeable - you can change the title of the document to suit your business. What you’ve done is correct.

So you should have the following (or similar) under Invoice Customisation:

Then, under Sales, select Create new estimate. This is just the name of the document on QuickFile, it doesn’t affect the name on the final document.

Create your quote/estimate as normal, and preview it. When you preview it, you should notice the title has changed to what you’ve entered under Invoice Customisation:

Style may vary depending on your invoice template

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