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Changing the client contacts


Back when you 1st set up a client you are asked to enter their (the clients) bank details etc… as well as a contact person and email address, phone number etc… Now this name prints out on all SOAs, invoices and credit notes etc… however I can find no place in which to change these details, remember this is not in the normal add a staff member section but when you very 1st set up the account. The issue is I have now been sending invoices etc… to 2 deceased people for over 6 months for 1 and 8 months for another, so I really need to know where to go to change these details and from now on I will just be using “Accounts” first name and “Department” second name :-), this would also be good as I can not locate where you go to change a clients bank details either which I assume would be in the same place?

Cheers Damian


The add, delete and modify used options should be visible on each client page. At the bottom of the contact list is an “add new contact” option and beside each contact is a “cogwheel” icon to edit the details and a red “X” to delete the contact.

I am assuming that you are logging in with full administrator privilages.


Hi FolkLondon, yes you are talking about the normal add and delete function, what I need is the area where the bank accounts are kept. Where you put your clients account details in i.e. sort code and account number etc… in this area it also asks for a name and email this is what I need to change and it isn’t in the normal contact list area. I would also like to access this area as 1 of our clients has also recently changed banks and yet I can not locate this area to change this info as well?
Cheers Damian.


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