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Changing the default nominal code when tagging something else not the list


Is it possible to change the nominal code (General Sales 4000) that is displayed by default when tagging something else not on the list?


Hi @jo.holmes

There’s no setting to change this as such, but you may be able to change it with a bit of javascript, if you have a power user subscription.

If you have one of these subscriptions, let me know and I’ll see if I can put something together for you.


Hi Mathew

Yes we do have a Power User sub + Yodlee Bank Feeds. Do you need the invoice number?


Can I just double check - do you mean the default nominal code on an invoice, or on the dropdown list when you tag a bank transaction and select “Something else not on the list”?


This is when you tag a bank transaction and select “Something else not on the list” for money received into the bank account. Also happens when you split the transaction as we often have to do when money is received from Paypal, Stripe etc.

I presume currently you are presetting the nominal field with first nominal code from the Sales codes (4000-4999).


Thanks for confirming.

I’ve looked into this a bit further, and unfortunately it’s not possible to customise this at the moment.

We default to the code 4000 if it’s a money in transaction, or 5000 if it’s a money out transaction.

Perhaps we could help address the issue another way. You mention you use it for PayPal and Stripe - are you able to give us a specific scenario for this at all?


For example 3 members pay their subscription of £10 on the same day. Stripe pays this £30 back to us minus it’s fee. When tagging the bank receipt it is split into 4 lines, 1 for each member’s payment of £10 with their name recorded in the description and 1 for the Stripe fee. As we don’t record anything against General Sales I am always having to type and select the nominal code.


Ok, so you’re doing this on your current account I presume?

To handle split payments, you would normally create a dummy bank account so the transaction can be split up. However, with the likes of Stripe, you should have a holding account for them anyway (it’s not compulsory, but it can make life easier).

These 2 links may be of interest to you:


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