Changing the starting day of the week for date picker

Not a major issue, just slightly annoying. I set my first day of the week to Monday. When the Pop-Up Calendars appear they always start with Sunday. Is there any way to align these two settings? Many thanks, Andrew

Hi @AndrewAGM

This is something that we would have to change globally for all accounts.

It’s not something I recall being asked previously, but we’re happy to take a look at doing this should there be a bigger interest from the community.

We’ll leave this thread open for others to comment on. For the time being, I’ve changed the topic title and category.

Just coming back to this, you can override it at account level using the custom javascript option.

If you go to Account Settings >> Design Customisation >> Advanced HTML and Javascript Customisation, and select Global Scripts.

Add the following lines:

$(document).ready(function() {
     $('.hasDatepicker').datepicker('option', 'firstDay', 1);  // 0 = Sun, 1 = Mon, 2 = Tues, and so on...

Save, and enable it. This should then take effect across all the little pop up calendars (date pickers)

Note: You will need a Power User Subscription to do this.

This isn’t a show stopper for us in QF (it is in other software that we use) but we do follow ISO8601 and as the international standard it is what I would expect to see by default.

Many thanks - I thought that in ISO8601 Monday was the start of the working week for the UK, and as such it would make sense to have the calendars start on a Monday. As I say it’s not a show-stopper just something that varies across applications, and it would be nice for things to be consistent (or configurable).

We rely on a popular 3rd party library to deliver the date picking functions throughout QuickFile. Many of these libraries originate from the US and as such are defaulted to adopt US standards. The “first day of the week” setting can be overridden, but this needs to be set explicitly whenever we invoke the calendar.

As our core users are predominantly UK based it makes sense for us to default the first day of the week to Monday. We do need to set aside some time to implement and test this, but it is something that we will address.

@AndrewAGM @FolkLondon

Just to let you know this change has now been implemented.

There are a few areas where we are using a slightly older date picker library. These however will shortly be updated too.

Wow! Thank you so much for doing this. I really wasn’t expecting it so quickly and was wondering if it was me being too picky. But I can say, for me, it is really nice to be consistent across calendars. THANK YOU!