Charges to L and XL Accounts - Affinity Account


We need some clarification as to whom is going to be charged for these when you will charge for the use of the L and XL accounts. As an accountancy practice we have quite a few XL and L accounts linked to our affinity and we do not have to carry the charge since we already pay a monthly charge for each of our clients. Could you please confirm if we are going to pay for the clients or if you will be billing the clients directly. This is urgent. Thank you.

KInd regards.

If these client accounts are managed under Affinity then the new charge will not apply. This is only applicable for non-Affinity accounts which are classified as Large or Extra Large.

Hello Glenn,

Sorry I don’t understand this, could you please explain. Are you saying that if a client is linked with an affinity account they will not have to pay the £45 + charge?

Yes that is correct!

Fantastic! Thank you.

I must admit I had to read the announcement thread a few times to clarify this myself recently so maybe it would be worth looking at the wording of the notification.

It was mentioned further down, but I’ve just amended the first paragraph to make that clearer from the onset.

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