Charity in Gambia - could quickfile work for them?

Hi Glen,
I’ve recently been asked to look at software for a charity that is based in Gambia - so all of their transaction will be in dalasis or euros - do you think it would be possible for them to use Quickfile?
Can you set the default currency as something other than GBP?



p.s. still loving quickfile - and introducing to more and more clients all the time

Hi @Anna

I’m not Glenn, but I’ll certainly help :slight_smile:

Unfortunately QuickFile is for UK based organisations so the base currency is in GBP, and this can’t be changed.

Bank accounts can be set up in other currencies but reports etc will remain in GBP

OK, thanks for your response,I thought that might be the case - I’ve noticed that the Gambian Dalasi isn’t include in your multi currency list anyway - could it be added? (i know its probably not that simple…)

Hi Anna,

We’ve just added Gambia to our list of foreign currency options. You should be able to select this as one of your preferred currencies for invoicing.

Brilliant thanks - its now just about the rather erratic internet over there, and whether having reports in GBP will work for them or not! :slight_smile:

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You could export the report data and then manipulate it externally to convert it to the required currency, should be pretty simple to do.

Alternatively you could build some custom reports and do some maths on the outputs to convert from GBP as required.

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Thanks Lurch, yep, I think they may go with the export and then convert. :smiley: