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Chart of Accounts -Account Detail View and description

Hi guys,
Could the ‘Show all notes’ default to being on. When scanning down a list of entries in the Chart of Accounts - account detail view. All I see is “Purchase Invoice: Items for purchase #QFXXXXXX”. By showing all notes it is easier to scan through and check there are no errors.

It also appears that the description data is not the description of the of the “invoice item” but the description of the “invoice”. If more than one item is present in an invoice could the “invoice item description” be displayed as opposed to the “invoice description”.

I’ve also just recently found this too. I wanted to use the line description in a CIS invoice to record the UTR. I wanted to ‘show all notes’ and hoped that the line descriptions would show, I planned to export the data to make it easier when submitting CIS info. But I found the same as egs above.

Maybe not exactly the right thread for this, but I’d appreciate a setting that would allow me to have all the nominal drop-down boxes closed when I open the chart of account page. I could then open the codes I wanted, not have to close them to get to say Assets & Liabilities.

Is there any way we can show the Client or Supplier on the front page and only leave the description to “Show all Notes”