Chart Of Accounts - Exporting data for a new system; help!

I am trying to export a chart of accounts with a tax code and a ‘type’ on for our new system but im not having any luck doing it? is there a report which i can customise to do this please?

Hi @EmmaJPL

We offer a Chart of Accounts (COA) export directly from the ‘Export’ button on the COA page itself. This will give you a few options in terms of what data and format is used in the export.


Where are you importing the data to? Perhaps there may be an alternative we could suggest?


I have been able to export the data you mention above but i need the tax code and type along with it?
I need to be able to upload them into a format which will except in the software Xero? i need to be able to put the nominal code, name of company, type and tax code to be able to upload the data.

There is no particular ‘tax code’ for the nominal codes - only the nominal code itself. Although you may wish to query with Xero themselves what they may be expecting to be sure what they’re looking for.

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