Chart of Accounts missing

I tried to assign a current account untagged entry to a salary payment, could not do it as it says missing 9998, went to check Chart of Accounts page and get.

The Chart of Accounts are currently unavailable. Please check again later.

Any ideas

This morning chart of accounts is back but current account did not reconcile, I found this yesterday and pulled in the missing transaction and then could not add it as a salary payment, this morning it is missing again. It is now added again.

Still like to know what is going on.

Did you untag a salary payment on the bank last night?

It seems some untagging or deletion of a salary payment on the bank triggered a balancing issue. This had to be manually looked at this morning. We don’t get many of these but this would cause the COA to disappear temporarily until the accounts were rebalanced.

I’ll send you a private message as I can tell you exactly what the offending entry was with steps to resolve.

Yesterday I reconciled the Current account as the balance was not matching the actual, I found one transaction missing and added it, the auto tagging worked but I detagged it from a payment to expense account and tried to reassign to salary, that was when I got the 9998.

Thanks for the additional information, we will try to reproduce this in our test environment and implement any fix where required.

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