Chart of accounts - nominal codes


I have a number of items in storage and on my invoices in the item column I put storage along with another full range of different items that make my invoices up.

However, when I go to to chart of accounts and nominal codes everything is listed in general sales.
Ive created a new nominal code but how do i link it and try and pull out all the storage charges for example out of the general sales, so i can look at the detail better ?

Hi @Scawfell

When you’re editing the invoice, if you click the cog on the invoice line, you can set the nominal code for that line.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Scawfell

If these are sale items you regularly use, I would suggest setting up inventory items for more information on this check out the following: Setting up reusable inventory items
When you do this, you can set the nominal code you want the item linked to.

This could be an option for you going forward.

Thanks, I see what you mean. However, is there anyway I can do it without going through all invoices again or not ?
If not, moving forward as it was my end of year end of last month, can I set the category as which nominal code I want as a default so that every time I select that item it will send to the correct nominal code ?


Hi @Scawfell

The only way to change it retroactively is to go through all of the invoices again.

However, using the inventory will allow this to be done going forward.

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