Chart of accounts total numbers wrong?

At the bottom of the chart of accounts, it shows two numbers, one in red and one in green. No matter what I do, these both seem to always show the same number between them even though my expenses (red numbers) are different to my incoming (green numbers) and so I’m not sure why it always shows them as matching even if the number changes. Is this a bug? How do I fix it?

The values at the bottom of the CoA will always balance - they’re not “expenses” and “income”, they’re the total of all debit and all credit transactions on all the nominal accounts, including the assets and liabilities and capital accounts (these sections are collapsed by default but they still count in the totals). And since it’s double entry book keeping the two sides must balance at all times.

If you want to see your expenses and income you need the profit and loss report, not the CoA.

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