Chart of Accounts

Where can you access the chart of accounts to amend an account name?

Hi @Helen_Passfield1

You can view your chart of accounts by going to Reports >> Chart of Accounts.

From here, you can edit the names of selected nominal codes. Some codes are used by the system and can’t be edited. If you click on the little cog at the end of a line however, this will give you the option to change the name, if possible.

Hope that helps

thanks but the account is locked

If it’s locked, you wouldn’t be able to change it I’m afraid.

You can however create a new one in the same category. As that would be a custom code, you can name it however you wish (providing one with the same name doesn’t already exist).

unfortunately this won’t work because it relates to a current account (bank) and do not want to be combining two line items for reporting in future

Ah, in that case you can change it. Bank accounts are named differently.

If you go to the bank management screen, and then go to the settings of the account you wish to change, you can change the name there. Changing and saving it on this screen will update it on the Chart of Accounts too.

Yes, it is correct on the bank account page but does not link to the chart of accounts. So when, for example, running a balance sheet the account name as it appears under current assets does not match that of the bank account

I’ve just double checked this with a colleague just to be sure.

Basically, because the current account (1200) is a system code, it’s not technically possible to change the name of the account on the COA report. This is why it’s locked on the COA report itself.

ok, I guess I just need to leave in inconsistency then

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