Chart of nominal accounts report

Hi everyone, I used to export the chart of nominal accounts report for a set date range (each quarter) and it showed details of each transaction i.e. single invoices etc which made life easy for me and my accountant, as it was explained in this post

now it seems that option has disappeared as it only offers tu run a backup which is a pain as i’ll have to drill down each quarter transactions in excel.

am i missing something or that function has been removed?

thank you

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Hi @satello

We still offer this, but have moved it. Please see this post below which also explains the reasoning behind it:

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I’ve followed the backup route but it shows transacitons dating back to the day I’ve started using QF. I really only need transactions for the last quarted each time (01.07.16 / 30.09.16) and the previous function was a piece of cake. I set the start date to 01.07.16 so don’t understand what I’m doing wrong… is there any way to have same report as it used to do? thank you.

The back up doesn’t take into account any start or end dates, as it’s a full account back up. Unfortunately, bringing the old report back would cause some issues and be demanding on our server resources (there’s more details on that in the post I linked to above).

However, if you use Excel or similar spreadsheet software, you can limit the range by using a filter.

Open the CSV file, select the filter option:

In Excel, you are given this option on date columns:

Hope that helps!

Yes, thank you, it helps, and I understand the reasons behind it but in my honest opinion a software should simplify those kind of operations, not make it more difficult and time consuming otherwise what’s the point???.

I’m sorry you feel that this is time consuming for you. We do have to consider all the possibilities when it comes to adding new features, and as you’re aware we did run this as a direct report previously. Unfortunately it did prove to cause a bit of a problem which affected other QuickFile users too.

By doing it via the backup option allows us to still offer the report in a flexible manner (you use it by quarter for example, whereas other users do it monthly for example) and still utilise our resources in the best possible way.