Chasing debts

Hi I am trying to set up a system for chasing outstanding debtors
So farI have set up the recurring statements which I think is a great feature however is there something I could do to follow this up
I.e. once the recurring statement has been sent,
It follows up with a stronger worded letter or statement next

Hello @DinahJones

We have the ability to send automated overdue invoice letters (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd reminder)

We do not have a similar feature to do this for statements

It may be worth raising a feature request for this in the forum, that way other forum members can vote on it.

This is really cool stuff

This is great, but how do I send a late payment reminder manually.

I can only see options to automate the late payment reminder

Hello @DinahJones

View the overdue invoice and click send.

You can then choose from standard, Reminder 1, 2 or 3 and edit email if required


This option is not visible on my interface.

This may be because I prefer to print my invoices and mark them as Sent, then use outlook to send the invoice because other attachments are generally sent at the same time.

Could the Process be made simpler by adding a link on the Status Button on the outstanding invoices page to send a reminder whenever we choose.

Hi @Adam_Mundy

If you click “Send invoice by email”, you’ll have the option to send the invoice itself, or one of the reminders (providing the invoice is overdue).

Not sure if you’re aware, but if you attach files to the invoices, these will also be visible in the client control panel. Optionally, we can include links to them in the email itself too.

It’s worth checking out this support guide, specifically the last part about the email token, if it’s of interest - Attach files to your invoices

You’re more than welcome to start a #feature request for this if you like, and we can certainly consider it as part of future development.

That’s great thanks for the help.

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