Hi, how does one enter CCV or ChildCare Vouchers - these are payments made under a government scheme that allows employers to pay employees child care costs directly, saving on PAYE and NI.

The query is how to account for it in Quickfile

You should enter any employee salary deductions/sacrifice in your payroll software, you can then enter the Payroll Journals monthly or at the year end, if you do not require management information. If the vouchers are not in excess of the weekly or monthly limit, you may not need to enter the information into your payroll software first.

If you’re making deductions directly from the employee’s salary in return for childcare services that you provide, once the payroll has been processed and the necessary figures obtained, these would be entered through the journal system on Quick File.

You can access the journal system through the full chart of accounts (COA) from your dashboard by clicking ‘Reports >> Chart of accounts’ from top navigation menu option, followed by ‘New Journal Entry’.

I have attached an example of how to complete the Journal below:

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