Choice of invoices

Is there any way to have a choice of invoices? I run two companies - one as a ‘trading as’ company which has a separate name and logo. Is there anyway to make two invoice designs and then select which one you want to use?

Ie a default invoice and another choice.

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See this reply from Glenn;

This is feature i would love to see, having option of two different styles or same style of invoice but different company name and logo

agree I have 2 accounts have not linked them but would like to , am not sure of the implications of it if I am honest but would need two different invoices

This would be really useful, and would also be so useful to us if this was expanded a little to support branches/divisions easily. I know there are ways of mocking divisions up using projects and nominal codes but is a little tedious and human error is a strong factor in misreporting on this. Putting that issue aside, invoice customisation like this would certainly offer a better package for the client.

Bump this back up as I will need something similar to this very soon.


Cheers Lurch.

I’ll take a read through this.