Chrome Bank Feed not working with Barclays when storing the membership number


I’m trying to use the Chrome Bank feed to import recent transactions but it doesn’t seem to want to work. I click on the icon, and see a list of banks, but then when visiting the bank login page, I am not prompted by the plugin for any login info, and when right clicking on the Chrome Bank feed icon within Chrome, the “options” option is greyed out and not clickable. I have tried in Chrome with two different profiles (one for work and the other for personal) and in a incognito window with all extensions bar QF Bank Feeds extension disabled, and still no luck.

Has this extension been discontinued?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Markus,

The plug in is still available, and should work (unless the bank has changed their layout).

Can you confirm what bank you are trying to use it work please? If you visit another bank, are you prompted by the plug in to log in then?

Ahh thanks for the quick reply. I never thought to try another bank. We bank with Barclay’s so had only tried that login page.

I tried all the other banks and got the prompt from the extension for login info.

So does this not work with Barclay’s now?

It should do! :wink:

Bear with me and I’ll look into this and see if I can replicate any issues my end

Ok, I just cleared the stored account from the login page to Barclay’s, refreshed the page and voila the extension prompted for login info.

So it doesn’t appear to want to work if my login info is stored I guest :cry:

Is could possibly be a conflicting plug in - that’s been a known issue in the past. Do you have any data storing extensions that could be interfering?

Lastpass is enabled and stored login details, but is actually disabled for the Barclay’s website. Other than that, there aren’t any other extensions that I can see that would have any effect over the webpage?

I know the extension does have problems with Natwest when remembering the customer number. I hadn’t ever seen this with Barclays, although I use this myself on an almost daily basis, I just never click to store the membership number.

I’m trying to connect this chrome extension to my barclays account. I did all tips like clearing stored accounts, cookies, etc.
Unfortunately I can not see extension prompted for login info. I logged in&aout many times and no boxes to input needed credentials.

Any ideas?

Hi @macuser

Do you have any other extensions installed that may be interfering with it? Sometimes other apps like a password manager can sometimes cause issues.

Does it work for any other banks if you select them? For example, if you pick HSBC, does the login bar load all OK on the HSBC website?