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Hi Glenn,

I’m aware of this method, but it’s a bit clunky and as the name implies, relies on Chrome. Whatever the automation is that occurs at 4am, could a simple button not be created in QF itself that is cross-browser compatible, running the same code then it would be sleek and easy like the rest of QF.



Unfortunately there’s a limit to how sleek you can make something when you’re interfacing with a 3rd party that has no API. The automated feed we use for Barclays uses a very error prone method of screen scraping, which is essentially just scraping the html and filling out the forums, cycling through the pages.

Two days ago Barclays changed a big chunk of their CSV export routine which instantly broke the feed and required 5 hours of developer time to fix. Pulling these feeds in real time is simply not feasible until Barclays provide an open API.

I would suggest up-voting this thread here and perhaps eventually something will happen.

For manual feeds you’d need to use our Chrome Extension for the time being.

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