Chrome plugin import issue

I am having issues with the Chrome plugin whereas the import is successful, however transactions from 2 separate accounts, i.e. the current account and the savings account are both being imported into the current account within Quickfile, I have been deleting the transactions not relating to the current account and doing a manual import for the savings account.



Which bank account are you importing from?

Hi Glenn

I am importing statements from 2 Natwest accounts into Quickfile, processing from the main screen, all transactions from both accounts are then appearing in the current account. quickfile account no 6131415329



With Natwest I believe there are multiple tick boxes that appear before the download is initiated. I think perhaps you have multiple accounts selected here?

Yes I have multiple accounts selected because I have transactions in multiple accounts and wish both to be exported, when the automatic feeds were active the feed directed the transactions into the relevant accounts within Quickfile, is this not the case when using the Chrome plugin? will I have to just export the current account and then download a csv for the savings account and do a manual import for the savings acc?



The old NW feed used to run the imports one account at a time. When you select multiple accounts it dumps all the transactions into a single file which Quick file can’t handle.

That would work…Another thing you do is import the current account, log out, change the account number in the Chrome bank feed Settings, log back in and then import the savings account. I suspect this may be a tad quicker!

Thanks Glenn, shame Natwest pulled the plug on the auto feeds! bit of a pain but its only at month end when I have transactions for the savings account so wont be that bad.

once again, thanks for your help and quick response


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