CIS Contractors

Hi Im trying to figure out how to record invoices from my cis subbies . ive followed the instructions from support and set up a CIS deductions account, inputted an invoice as normal (gross amount not minus 20%) then ive logged a payment to cis account. the instructions on support page then say “once you see the payment in current account tag it” but this payment doesnt come up in current account its only shows in cis account?

im baffled

When you deduct the tax from your subbies and pay it over to hmrc. You’d have a payment out from your bank account right?

yes i do. my bank account is not linked to the account package i thought “once payment appears on current acc” meant the current account on the accounts package. do the instructions ive been reading assume that your bank account is linked?

Your account doesn’t need to be linked as in a bank feed but you will need to have some sort of bank account on QuickFile to show invoices being paid etc, you can do this by either manually entering your bank transactions, uploading a bank statement or by having an automatic bank feed.

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