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On a purchase invoice from a company where I need to deduct 20% CIS from the labour element, I know you deducted it from the total amount due when paying but how or where do you record the CIS and how do you notify HMRC you have deducted it? Sage payroll says not thro P32 where we record our YTD deductions suffered. Just at a loss with this one. Thank you

You need to use software that can submit cis returns. You can’t submit that info from quickfile.

You can try moneysoft money manager.

Hopefully your registered as a cis contractor.

You also need to provide a monthly cis proof of deduction statement to the subcontractor. Sage may provide a bolt on to their payroll software at a cost. Personally, I would do as @Paul_Courtier says and buy payroll manager from Moneysoft as it just does everything cis related.

You can also submit directly via the HMRC gateway, which is free so if there’s only one sub-contractor makes more sense than paying for software.
You do need to register as a contractor with HMRC first.
Go to HMRC’s website and search for the construction industry scheme. It will give you all the information you need.

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We use BrightPay which is free for small users. It has everything you need including CIS.

Are you sure it is free?

Sorry, I did not realise they had changed the pricing structure. It use to be free for 1 employer and 3 employees. Now they charge £49 which is what we pay now.

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