CIS deductions to an invoice

How can I apply CIS deductions invoices paid to me

Is this any use to you?

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If you put CIS into the search, you will come across quite a few posts on this subject. We don’t officially support CIS at this time so they’re mostly workarounds.

Thanks for this! I have spent hours searching this forum trying to find usable instructions for a workaround. This one worked perfectly and only took a few minutes.

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i am cis ltd company but labor only with 10% retention take out that i can clam back after 6 months

my invoice

i just put in the sales the bank net amount that i get which is net i no its wrong but i could never grasp the way it should be done the pics are not there in the archives work around now

also i have 2 cis subs contractors that i pay, they are also 20 % but not vat reg (i just pay them the net and then after 3 month as pay the cis to tax office ) i dont think i am doing this correctly