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We have been approached by two of our clients who use quickfile for their invoicing. They both fall under the construction industry and are having issues with getting paid by their customers because of the wording on the invoices. When they generate a new sales invoices and tick the box to apply the CIS reverse charge it adds the line which says “VAT reversal”, however when they save and preview this invoice it is changed to “CIS Reverse Charge”.

Their customers are saying that they cant pay it because it is not a CIS reverse charge its a VAT Reversal. Is there any way we can change this?

Are you sure your not confusing it with domestic reverse charge for vat?

You have cis deduction and you have domestic reverse charge which is related to vat in the sense that it applies to vat registered end users.

If your client is invoicing under DRC then vat would be reversed because the end user pays it. Your client is paid less the vat.

If your client is talking about cis suffered again that would be another deduction payable by the end user.


I know CIS and DRC are different. and I know the end user pays it. I can also see that QF is handling the reverse charge correctly from an accounting point of view.

My issue is with the wording on the invoice. We are applying the VAT reverse charge to the invoice but quickfile is changing the wording of this to CIS Reverse charge on the invoice. Therefore our clients customers are refusing to pay any the invoice, because its not a CIS reversal, its VAT.

Perhaps quickfile can advise on the wording. But personally I feel its an issue with your end client not understanding the wording.

It is a cis reversal because it only applies to vat registered cis contractors.

Cis deductions arnt reversals so to me there’s no confusion there either.

But as I say I guess ultimately it comes down the quickfile deciding on the wording. Maybe there’s a css class you can alter to change the wording I’m not sure

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I have raised this with our team who will be able to look at this and advise further.

There isn’t a way of changing the wording at this time, but it may be something we add support for in the future.

Hi Matthew, that’s great, thank you! We have a few clients that have raised this issue with us, so we may not be the only ones having issues.

Hi @dassawyer

The Dev team have amended the wording on the invoices, hopefully this will help. This will go live with the next update which should happen tonight.

Please see example of how it will look:

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Hi, I would like to get some help on issuing an invoice to a subcontractor with the VAT reverse charge.

I have followed the steps that are shown on quickfile and it shows as VAT RESERVE -20% and as soon as I save and go to preview and sent it changes it to CIS REVERSE.

My accountant said that they cannot accept it as it looks like a wrong invoice.

Can someone please help, what am I doing wrong here?

Thank you, Art

Hi @artbuilding

I’ve moved your post to this thread as the above posts relate to the same thing.

We have amended the wording, although this update is a little later going out than planned. It’s hoped this will be live for the morning, however.

My colleague, @QFBeth, posted an example of the amended wording above.

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