Claiming VAT on purchases made prior to registration & percentage motoring expenses


I started using Quick File from my VAT registration date on the1st of October and I am currently preparing for my first VAT return. On my Quick File VAT return how will I account for VAT claims for purchases I made prior to registration? I also have both mobile telephone and motoring expenses that will be claimable for VAT as a fraction based on business use, how are these figures adjusted and entered into the return?

Any help would greatly appreciated as my VAT return deadline is looming…

Hi @occamslaser,

QuickFile will create your VAT return based on the invoices you have entered into QuickFile. If you are needing to make adjustments then you can do this on the VAT return, each box has the option to make an adjustment. HMRC won’t see how much you have adjusted the boxes by or any notes that you have added (these are for your records only) they will only see the total figures for each box.

It may be worth getting in touch with your accountant to make sure that you have included everything that you should with your first return.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help

What I did when I first registered for VAT was make manual adjustments to boxes 4 and 7 on my first return for the pre-registration purchases. This posts the balancing entry to the “manual adjustments” nominal so I then added another journal to put the amounts back where they actually belong (e.g. if you previously put an asset purchase through with the total inc VAT price on the asset code then you’d correct for the reclaimed VAT by journaling the VAT amount as credit on the original asset code and debit “manual adjustments”).

Thanks for all the help, really appreciate it. Looks like I’m on top of it all now.

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