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Clear credit note on account


Hi all, can you help me please. I have customer that paid an invoice in full number 1103201888 and unfortunately I had to raise a credit note as I repaid her monies as the item did not work number CN00015 however this is still showing as untagged in my banking and I cannot tag it. Can you help please.



When you raised the credit note did you choose to hold funds on account or refund them? If you chose to refund there and then, then it would have created a pre-tagged bank transaction at that point and you can just delete the untagged one (which is a duplicate).

If you chose to hold on account then you’ll have to find the relevant “payment” record (sales -> view payments -> advanced search -> set “type” to “unallocated”, then “submit search”), click through to the payment detail page and use the “refund balance” button at the top. Again, this will create a pre-tagged transaction on your bank account, then you delete the untagged duplicate.


Thank you Ian, I had not spotted that it had automatically tagged the credit. I am learning more and more about quickfile every day.