Clearing account, getting started and feed queries

Good afternoon, I am trialing Quickfile with a view to using it as a replacement for my existing solution however, i cannot find any details on how to get support other than in the forum?

I have spent the morning playing around with the functionalities and get to grips with it and what i need to do now is reset the account completely so i can re-import my data and balance my accounts (I needed to figure out how to import invoices so that i can connect them to payments received etc). Is there a way to completely reset the account?

Also, I set up a barclays bank feed, do these only run once a day. Do the paypal feeds run once a day automatically or do I have to click the button daily?

Please help.

Best Regards

Hi @sitewideuk

Welcome to QuickFile :slight_smile:

You can clear your account by following the process outlined here. You can pick and choose what you want deleted etc.

With the feeds - Barclay’s runs one every morning, except Sunday and Monday (as there are no transactions the following day to pick up). PayPal also runs every morning. Both are automatic, but PayPal can be triggered manually if you wish.

I hope that helps!

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