Clearing 'Additional Notes' and 'Payment Terms' fields

Hello everyone,

Sorry to bother you but I have a quick question.

Am I right in thinking that the ‘Additional Notes’ and ‘Payment Terms’ fields on recurring invoices are client specific?

I believe we have set up our recurring invoices incorrectly and had our bank account details listed in these fields. We have now changed our bank account and I am trying to avoid going through every recurring invoice and updating them manually.

Presumably I need to add bank account details to the footer of the invoice template so that I can update them easily next time if necessary?

Kind regards


Hi James,

The additional notes and payment terms are invoice specific. You can have account defaults (Account Settings >> Invoice Customisation) but this can then be customised on an invoice-by-invoice basis.

With the recurring template, if you edit the template itself all future invoices generated from it would then use the new text. However, there isn’t a way to bulk update these unfortunately.

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