Clearing down old data

I have been using Quickfile for HMRC VAT returns etc and to larn Quickfile but maintaining records on a spreadsheet. The company year has just started and I would now like to investigate using Quickfile to replace the spreadsheet. I can see two possible options.

  1. Clear down all old data and start again, setting balances etc to current values

  2. Put in some kind of balancing transactions so as to reflect the company position as of 1/9/2020.

Which would be the recommended approach and if it is the latter, how/what/where and description do I use for the balancing transaction so as to not annoy HMRC? I guess I could ask my accountant however they have been pushing for me to us their system and I like Quickfile and I can predict the response


Hi John,

Glad to hear that you are enjoying QuickFile and would like to continue to use this service :slight_smile:

I would suggest going for your first option, and importing a trial balance. This would then mean you have all the values correct to go forward

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