Client address is shown behind invoice details in the PDF invoice


When I issued an invoice for a client that was imported via the API the client address was shown under the invoice details in the PDF document.

I checked and the address had spaces and commas so the text should have been broken on rows.

Please suggest how to import addresses in order to be shown correctly in the PDF.

Thank you.

Hi @gfieraru

It sounds like perhaps the address has been imported as one line rather than multiple.

Was this address specified as part of the invoice_create, or the client_create endpoint?


Thank you for the prompt reply.

I checked and it is overwritten in the invoice_create in order to make sure it shows the latest address of the client.

I understand that it is an optional parameter so as a last resort we may take it out. Is there any other way as the PDF does not align correctly if the address came from this call?

Thank you for mentioning the API client multiple line Address as we have just updated our code to use all 3 lines if necessary.

Hi @gfieraru

This field can accept HTML (<br />), so you could specify it like this:


        "ClientAddress": {
          "Address": "123 Test Street<br/>Manchester<br/>MA1 5TH<br/>United Kingdom",
          "CountryISO": "GB"


			  <Address><![CDATA[123 Test Street<br/>Manchester<br/>MA1 5TH<br/>United Kingdom]]> </Address>