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Client area to show invoice only

Is there any way the client area can only show the invoice due. I want to remove the accounts overview and statement areas as for the time being I’m reconciling invoices manually and may not always be able to do that immediate on receipt of payment. Can this be done or is the only workaround to send PDFs?

Hi @recordershoplondon

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you about this.

If you are using the new client area this should be possible with CSS. However it would require you to have Power User Subscription.

I think that you may be worrying too much, it is most unusual for my clients to look at anything except the invoice, While you can’t block the other areas there are steps that you can take to mitigate potential issues.

I only check the bank account once a week which hasn’t caused any problems. One way that I avoid possible issues is not to send the first chaser on an invoice until it is 2 days overdue. Customers with repeat orders also get a statement a few days before the due date.

I have also pushed people towards using Stripe or GoCardless, which are integrated with invoicing by changing payment instructions on the invoice to:
Please click on the “pay online” button to pay by card or direct from your bank account.
If you prefer to use your own banking app details are:
Rather than just giving bank account details.

There is a financial cost to encouraging these payment methods but that is offset by the reduction in admin.

I have the opposite problem to @recordershoplondon, clients are always asking me for copies of invoices and documents I’ve attached to invoices even though I show them the client area and attached documents on numerous occasions!

Hi all
Thanks for the replies. Ive now worked out how to do it using CSS (It didn’t work before as it turns out I missed of a space somewhere on the code!)

Obviously all our customer bases are unique and Quickfile seemed to give me the flexibility I needed. I can now issues just invoices and/or statements showing outstanding only.

@Lurch - Sorry if you’ve already tried this but have you tried using the tokens to add all the document links to the basic invoice email to take them straight to the pages. The client area is great but not if customers are not very tech confident and those customers find the token links are more straight forward. I have a proportion of more mature customers who until now have never been online before
and this seems to work well.

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Some invoices I send out might have 10 documents attached (test certificates and notifications etc). It’s not so much clients finding the documents and invoices in the first place that is the issue, it’s in 6 months when I get a phone call asking me to send them another copy when it is in the same place it was 6 months ago, which they can get to from any of the other invoices I send them which is what I told them last time they asked me! You can lead a horse to water and all that.